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Welcome to Suijker Textil - Our history

1994: The path to independence

Our managing director, Axel Suijker, started our company history in 1994 when he became self-employed. 

After completing his training as an industrial clerk and working for an international clothing manufacturer for many years, he decided to act independently as a sales representative for fabrics.

 He worked with various European weaving mills and fabric producers to sell high-quality technical fabrics to clothing manufacturers.

In this way, he built up a network of textile manufacturers, garment makers and industrial customers, which served as a foundation for the years to come.

2004: The sale at the Artländer Hof

On the private property of the Suijker family, the first stock sales were then also made possible for customers from the Quakenbrück area (Germany) and thus the way was also increasingly found to private customers. In addition to the large selection of fabrics, customers also enjoyed the extraordinary ambience offered by the Suijker family's listed Artländer Hof. A few years later, parts of the farm were renovated especially for this purpose, so that the range of fabrics could be expanded even further.

2010: Online distribution

With the steady modernisation of the small business, online sales were also set in motion. Over the next few years, various online marketplaces, our own online shop for private customers and finally an online platform for wholesalers were set up.

Today, we are able to support our customers in various projects via different channels all over Europe and partly even beyond the borders of Europe and to deliver the matching textiles.

2020: Move to the new company building

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for fabrics, a new company building was constructed. A large sales room with our entire range of fabrics has been set up here for customers and for cutting online orders. In addition, there are the offices of the employees, the management and a spacious warehouse.

Currently, we have 20 employees working hard every day to find, cut and pack the right fabric for each customer. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting textiles and opportunities to live out our passion for fabrics.